After a year of the Covid-19 pandemic, the vaccine is finally here! Getting the vaccine is our best shot at safely returning to normal activities, and after many clinical trials, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has confirmed that it is safe.

It is normal to have questions about the Covid vaccine, though. There is a lot of information about the vaccine flying around social media and the Internet; if you’re unsure if something you’ve heard is true and credible, the library can help you figure it out. Below are some resources to get you started, but feel free to book a librarian or give us a call.

Understanding the vaccine:

· What is the difference between the 3 different vaccines available?
· Myths and facts about the vaccine
· Frequently asked questions and answers about the vaccine
· Vaccine considerations for people with underlying medical conditions

Getting the vaccine:

· Am I eligible to get the vaccine yet? Note: As of March 15, teachers and school staff of any age can get the vaccine in Indiana! Anyone age 16 and over is also eligible.
· Register to get the vaccine (Only register once you’re eligible under the Indiana rollout)
· Vaccine Finder: Use this tool to find the nearest vaccine site
· Please note: the vaccine is FREE – you do not have to pay to get it

After vaccination:

· Get your vaccination certificate. Click “Indiana Vaccination Portal” to get your certificate.
· CDC public health recommendations for people who have been vaccinated (The gist: Once vaccinated, you can safely visit with others who have been vaccinated!

View our collection:

· Hype: A Doctor’s Guide to Medical Myth, Exaggerated Claims, and Bad Advice (by Nina Shapiro and Kristin Loberg)
· On Immunity: An Inoculation (by Eula Biss)
· The Vaccine Debate (by Tish Davidson)
· Elegant Defense: The Extraordinary New Science of the Immune System (by Matt Richtel)

Other resources:

· Elkhart County vaccine site
· Indiana vaccine site
· CDC vaccine site