Study Rooms

This policy and procedure is designed to provide guidelines for patrons wishing to use our private study room. Study Room 1 will be made available to the public for use when the library is open to the public. The guidelines below must be strictly adhered to for the private study room to be used by patrons and community members.

  1. The study room will be available by appointment and for walk-in use if no appointments are scheduled
    1. If a walk-in user is in the room when a scheduled user arrives, the walk-in user will be expected to vacate the room at the start of the scheduled user’s appointment time.
  2. The study room can be requested for up to 2 hours at a time.
    1. Appointment requests cannot be made for back-to-back sessions
    2. Appointment requests can be made for every day the library is open to the public, during open hours.
      1. We will not schedule for more than one week at a time.
  3. Any time the scheduled appointment is made to extend to the end of the day’s opening hours, the user will be expected to begin packing up their things 15 minutes prior to closing so they are ready to exit the library at close.
    1. Failure to comply more than once will result in a loss of usage of the room.
  4. Study room reservations are considered void if user is 15 minutes, or more, late.
  5. Study room will be sanitized thoroughly between users.