Get A Library Card

A library card allows you to borrow books, audiobooks, DVDs, music CDs, and more. It also allows access to our extensive digital collection including ebooks, eaudiobooks, magazines, movies, music, and TV episodes, as well as library computers and laptops.

You can apply in person or by completing an online application. We will email you when your card has been processed and you can bring in your proof of address (see below) at that time. If you are under 18, you must bring along your parent or guardian to sign your application.

How do I get a library card?

Resident Card

A borrower’s card will be issued free of charge to patrons aged 18 and older who show proof of residence in the service area. Cards are valid for three years.

Valid forms of identification include:

In the absence of the above form of identification, patrons may also present:
• Utility bill;
• Property tax bill;
• Or anything showing patron’s name and current address

Parents/legal guardians can apply for a library card for a child. The parent or guardian must have a library card in good standing and show proof of residence. Parents/guardians have the option of allowing computer use for the child. Cardholders may link household members to an adult cardholder who will be responsible for all fees and payments for lost or damaged materials charged on the linked card.

Teachers: Teachers employed in a public or non-public school in the MPL service area may receive a Teacher card at no charge. Teachers must present a valid form of identification as well as a school ID, paycheck stub, or another form of professional identification. Teachers can check out items for an extended loan period of four weeks.

Staff: All staff members of MPL are issued a Staff library card, valid for three years.

Reciprocal borrowers

Reciprocal borrowers in good standing with their home library can apply for a free Middlebury Public Library card by presenting their home library card and a valid form of identification. Reciprocal borrowers do not have access to MPL’s e-resources.

We are also a member of the Indiana statewide reciprocal borrowing program.

Other non-residents

If you don’t own or rent property in Middlebury, York, or Jefferson township, and your library does not have a reciprocal borrowing agreement with us, you can buy a non-resident library card. The non-resident card fee is $55 per year and gives you full borrowing privileges.

Can I borrow from other libraries in Indiana?

If you live outside of any of our reciprocal districts or travel a lot in Indiana, you may want to consider buying a PLAC (Public Library Access Card). Available to anyone with a regular library card, this $65 per year card allows you to borrow items from any library in the state of Indiana.

Summer cards

If you are in the area for a short period of time in the summer, we offer a summer card for $15 that allows you to borrow items from the library from June 1st to August 31st. For an additional $40, you can purchase a full-year card that lasts for a year from when you purchased your original summer card.

Who pays for library services?

Library services at the Middlebury library are paid for through a very small percentage of property taxes. Everyone who owns or rents property in Middlebury, York, or Jefferson township helps to pay for the services at the Middlebury Public Library.