Frame by Frame: a Graphic Novel Book Club

Calling all graphic novel lovers! This book club will use both J and YA books from our collection and meet on one Monday each month (keep an eye on the website and event calendar for details on dates and the books we’ll use). Sign up in-person at the youth desk and pick up your copy to borrow from the library today! Snacks included. Best suited for middle school and lower high school students.

Art Nights

Join us the last Thursday evening of each month for various art programs with different artists, presenters, and mediums! The audience for this series will rotate between teens, children, and families so there are plenty of creative and fun options for yourself and your family to choose from. January, April, July, and October will be teen-specific, but you’re welcome to join the family ones, too.


Volunteer at the library and around town for National Honor Society credit and Civics Points you may need, or just because you want to! These opportunities will be every other month for two-hour increments beginning in February 2024. We’ll have a lot of fun together while giving back to our community.

NERF Nights

Bring your own or borrow our NERF stuff and get out that frustration! Parental permission is required for this program and your permission form lasts for (1) semester. Meet at the library 30 minutes before we close on the first Thursday of each month (6:30p), eat some snacks, and spend the next hour scouting the closed library with yourself and your crew.