Get excited for Women’s History Month! Though 2021 is the first year we’ve had a woman vice president, women have been making breakthroughs in politics, science, sports, and the arts throughout history. In fact, the seed for Women’s History Month was first planted way back in March of 1857, when women factory workers in New York City came together to protest bad working conditions.

Whether you want to learn about women in the military, how women gained the right to vote, iconic female athletes, or more, check out these collections:
• Read an e-book about your favorite female heroes through Axis 360 or Hoopla
• Learn about Janet Guthrie, the first woman to compete in the Indy 500 (and other Indiana women), via the Indiana Memory database
• Visit Salem Press Online to find free e-books on amazing women like Elizabeth Blackwell, the first American woman doctor
• Find out more about local female leaders by booking a librarian to help you explore our local history collection – including issues of the Middlebury Independent that date back to the 19th Century!
• Or, read a book from our print collection