Request for Public Records

The Middlebury Community Public Library complies with the Indiana Access to Public Records Act (APRA) as codified at Indiana Code 5-14-3. Generally, under the APRA a person may inspect and copy the public records of any public agency during the regular business hours of the agency, subject to s=certain exceptions. A request for inspection or copying must (1) identify with reasonable particularity the record being requested; and (2) be, at the discretion of the agency, in writing or in a form provided by the agency.


  1. To make a records request to this office, this form must be completed and returned, identifying with reasonable particularity the record or records being requested. A records request does not state what is expected to be found in the records. Instead is states a name or description of the records.
  2. Copies of most records will be charged in accordance with Library policy. For certain records, different fees may apply. Fees must be made before copies are made. For fewer than five pages copied fees may be waived.
  3. Responses will be provided consistent with the timeframes and other parameters of the ARPA.

Request for Public Records Form

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