Donation Policy

The Middlebury Public Library welcomes donations of books and other materials that expand and enhance our collection or are suitable for resale. The Library gratefully accepts monetary gifts from individuals, businesses, corporations, and organizations. Modest gifts are greatly appreciated, as are bequests, endowments, and larger contributions.

Books and other Material Donations

All donations are considered for current usage needs and become the sole property of the Library. Materials (books and media) not added to the Library’s collection may be sold by our Friends of the Library for programming and services support, distributed to charities, recycled, or discarded if necessary.

Donations are subject to the Library’s Collection Policy. Accepted donations include:

A letter of receipt for tax purposes is available upon request. The donor is responsible for determining the value of any donated items.

The Library will not accept:

Monetary Donations, Memorials, and Bequests

ADOPTED: July 8, 2021