Middlebury Public Library
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Internet Computer Policy

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, computer usage is limited to 1 hour sessions.

Who may use a computer?

The library’s computers are available for anyone to use. When you sign in to a computer, you will be required to agree to our Internet Policy. Anyone under 18 needs to have a parent or legal guardian come into the library to give them permission.

Do I need a card?

We encourage regular users to get either a Middlebury library card or a Middlebury computer card. Guest passes are available for one-time visitors.

Can I use my own wireless device at the library?

Yes. The library has a wireless network (WiFi) throughout most of the building. After you sign the Internet Policy, we will give you the password (network key). Please let us know when you are using our wireless network so we can keep track of how many people use it. Click here to print from your wireless computer.

Can I install my own programs?

In special cases, we sometimes allow patrons to temporarily install their own programs on our computers.

What if I don’t know how to use the computer?

Library staff can show you basic things, such as how to go to a web page. However, during evening hours and on Saturdays, our primary function is to work the circulation desk, so we may not have time. If you need extra help, you may make an appointment for a weekday morning or afternoon time.